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Hired Hauler Requirements

Effective March 15 2018
Questions or concerns should be directed to our Trucking Division at 732.542.2328 x228

Required Insurance Coverages
  • Workers Compensation & Employer's Liability
    • Workers Compensation Coverage: Statutory Requirements
    • Workers Compensation Waivers will NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED
    • Owner/Operators are required to have 'NJ Sole Proprietors Coverage' endorsement indicated in the box titled, 'Description of operations/locations/vehicles'. Additionally, a copy of the endorsement is required.
  • Employers Liability Limits not less than:
    • Bodily Injury by Accident: $500,000 Each Accident
    • Bodily Injury by Disease: $500,000 Each Employee
    • Bodily Injury by Disease: $500,000 Policy Limit
  • Automobile Liability
    • Coverage to include:
      • All Owned, Hired & Non-Owned Vehicles (or "Any Auto")
      • Contractual Liability Coverage
    • Per Accident Combined Single Limit not less than $1,000,000
    • Stavola shall be added as ADDITIONALLY INSURED on all liability policies (except Workers' Compensation & Professional Liability Policy, where applicable), even for claims regarding their partial negligence, on a primary, noncontributory basis. Coverage to include ongoing operations & completed operations.
Hauler Requirements
  • It is the responsibility of the Trucker to maintain valid insurance. Truckers will not be allowed to transport material for Stavola until ALL requirements are met.
  • Existing truckers will be placed on "HOLD" any time insurance expires or a cancellation notice is received. Truckers will not be allowed to transport material to or from Stavola facilities once placed on "HOLD". It is the responsibility of the hauler to notify Stavola of any changes to insurance policies.
  • Do not wait until the day insurance policies expire to renew your insurance. Two to three days are usually required for processing hauler insurance after being placed on "HOLD". During which time, you will be restricted from hauling until verification of insurance is complete.
  • Original insurance certificates and all other insurance-related correspondence should be sent to:
      PO BOX 482
      RED BANK, NJ 07701
  • Questions or concerns should be directed to our Trucking Division 732.542.2328 x228